Our Company

In today's world, industrialization is critical to optimizing fishing companies; therefore it is increasingly urgent to adapt to the challenges that the market demands. The consumer is increasingly demanding, and changes in eating habits forced to work constantly to provide that the market requests.

It is consistent with our philosophy, where "the man don't create food, but improve it", we carry out in Argentina since 2004, the task of showing alternatives to the fishing industry processors.

With additives formulated with raw materials of high quality (approved by the authorities of SENASA / INAL both for domestic markets, EU, US, Brazil, etc.) we fulfill our motto, and thus clear the taboo the word "additive".

The professionals in charge permanently move to places where it is required for new applications; it's means new experiences, new developments.

The true demonstration of our knowledge is based on the constant relationship with the client; through her we feed each other. And most importantly, we transmit all that technologically detect market.

The respect for the fishing industry creates in us a commitment: a reality of every day.